Oct 8th ClamAV Zip Bomb Makes CPUs Choke

A new vulnerability has been discovered [1] in the popular ClamAV antivirus scanning engine. ClamAV is one of the antivirus scanning engines used in ImunifyAV and Imunify360. For this reason, we’ve released an update of the ClamAV package so that ImunifyAV and Imunify360 can be protected from this vulnerability. How it works The ... Read More »

Oct 8th PHP Selector for DirectAdmin

Update command yum update lvemanager alt-python27-cllib lve-utils cagefs Downgrade command yum downgrade lvemanager alt-python27-cllib lve-utils cagefs Changelog lvemanager-5.0.6-2 implemented new Python Selector LVEMAN-1497: Automatically generate requirements file with extensions upon importing legacy apps Part II (Security fix. Cllib ... Read More »